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Michelle's Blog

The Crown Jewel of Central Austin

Posted on April 17, 2018 at 2:05 PM

We took a visit to our fellow environmental crusaders at Save the Creek. Every second Monday of the Creek Crew has a happy hour at Baker Street Pub. There you can eat and mingle while a speaker covers topics related to creeks here in Austin and SBCA’s mission.

We visited for the State of Barton Creek Address and learned about the updates planned for Austin’s Violet Crown Trail, a trail near the Barton Creek Greenbelt. The SBAC is helping to bring the vision for this out door space to fulfillment. The goal is to provide public access to nature and to historic, publicly owned ranch lands.

Ultimately the Trail will span 30 miles, passing through Barton Creek Wilderness Park, Sunset Valley, and into Hays County. The trail will lead those upon it not only to scenic natural areas but also to shopping centers, public parks, a library, and more!

At the Creek Crew happy hour, we saw the digital plans for meadowed areas with classroom spaces, so that people can take the classroom outdoors. The trail is home to an old, towering pecan tree, around this tree they plan to build an overlook, allowing visitors a beautiful shaded area to sit or snap pictures.

All that we learned about these upcoming changes for the trail were so exciting! It is easy to see why Violet Crown Trail is called The Crown Jewel of Central Texas.


Proposed design for an entrance 

Design for outdoor classroom space

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