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Little Miss Recycle

Michelle's Blog

The Future is Circular

Posted on May 23, 2018 at 5:05 PM

The 19th century was like no other. Expansion happened rapidly, population, industry, and technology multiplied many times over. Seemingly improving upon themselves with each growth. We realize now, that expansion was cancerous, and those growths were more like mutations. Little, if any regard for our Earth was taken into consideration. We created a linear economy.

A linear economy has a process that ends in waste. The fashion industry is no different, in fact it is one of biggest culprits. We rarely think of our clothing when it come to our carbon foot print, but we should! The fashion industry generates more greenhouse admissions annually than international flights and shipping combined. The Farming of Cotton uses one quarter of the world’s pesticides. These pesticides seep into our water systems. Not only pesticides but also the many different chemicals used to dye and bleach fabrics, to soften materials and create different finishes.

For these reasons and more Fashion is working on becoming more sustainable. Austin had the annual Sustainable Fashion Week! The theme was “The Future of Fashion is Circular”. We realized a linear economy isn’t fit for the long term, but a circular economy can help preserve our valuable resources. A circular economy minimizes waste.

The City of Austin joined the Bard MBA Net Impact Chapter in hosting Sustainable Fashion Week, to shine on a light on reusable, reclaimed and remanufactured fashion. Austin’s Recycling Economic Development Program Manager Natalie Betts on their excitement for this inaugural fashion week: “We’re proud to showcase national leaders and local innovators who are paving the way for a more sustainable fashion industry, Austin’s fashion sector is an important contributor to our local economic vitality and is critical for moving toward a more circular economy.”

Trailblazing women were at the forefront, speaking about the future of sustainable fashion and how they are making an impact themselves with sustainable fashion lines. Turning electronics into jewelry, recycled gold into electronics, and t-shirts into bags were just a few of the eco-friendly fashion forward ideas featured. There is an exciting future for fashion on the horizon and we look forward to next years sustainable fashion week!


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