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Little Miss Recycle

Michelle's Blog

Michelle's Munchies: The FareGround

Posted on October 23, 2019 at 3:55 PM


The Fareground Austin

We were excited to visit Austin’s first food hall, The Fareground on Congress and 2nd Street. It’s an indoor-outdoor eatery with great décor inside, a beautifully arrayed outdoor space, and an eclectic mix of delicious foods.

Initially we just perused the grounds to see all of our options. The Fareground is home to six premier local vendors. Contigo, Dai Due, Henbit, Ni-Kome, TLV, and Italic. As our sense were enticed by the all the delicious smells were unable to decide on just one place. We landed on tacos from Dai Due, hummus and a plate from TLV Isreali Street Food, and finished off with dessert, delicious cookies, from Henbit.


Everything we had was rich in flavor, but we were more intrigued by the restaurants’ commitment to fresh healthy food that is, locally sourced. Too, Little Miss Recycle couldn’t help but notice the trash receptacles were set up for recycling!

The Fareground is an innovative new space that adds health, community, and great food to Austin area so give it taste!

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